Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips

Da Editor

I’m a rather young blogger who finds his hobbies in Photography, Graphics Design, Short-Film Making, and Coffee*.  Make sure to  check out my YouTube Channel, and follow me on any of the things you can follow me on. Yip. *See Photo.

Moccona Commercial: With a Hint of Caramel

Von Mocca is still young, far too young to run out of Moccona: A Hint of Caramel, his favorite coffee! And when he does, he finds he cannot even SLEEP without his daily source of optimism. As his world fades, all seems lost. Is there any hope for Von Mocca? So that is...

Episode 2: The Pursuit Episode2 - Atlas, having discovered the identity of a rival spy during a night raid, sets out to hunt him. But he is pursued by the agent who owned those papers.

Episode 1: A Night Raid Description Episode 1 - A Night Raid. Watch top-level spy 'Atlas' infiltrate the data storage room, and steal the 'top secret' documents of a rival spy. I shot this video at 10:00 pm with my brothers. I hope you...