About Me


The Guy.

The name’s Jono, Jono Phillips. It has now been 17 years since I was born. I am home-schooled with 4 other brothers and 1 sister to make a family of 8!

The Blog.

This blog is more of a place to organize and put up my photographs and Photoshop creations, but I also post my YouTube films on here as well though my main channel can be found here. If you are viewing this page, I consider myself privileged and honored by your attention; also if you see anything that you like or anything that catches your eye, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends: It really helps me!

The Story.

I started my interest in photography when I saved and purchased the $200 Olympus something or other, when I was around ten or eleven. That camera took really poor photographs (ones that you might expect from your phone camera before 2013), and I was mainly talking photos because I was excited that I actually had a camera. I then got bored, and that camera eventually broke… But then my parents got a Cannon DSLR, and I started to take interest in it again! I then got a basic idea about how to use it (around the time I took Spring Corn, my first blog post) but I had no idea about what ‘Aperture’, ‘ISO’, and ‘White-Balance’ was.

It has been quite a while since then, and I must say that I have improved dramatically, but I am still picking things up and taking inspiration from everything and everybody. Another interesting thing is that our camera has hidden abilities, and that we installed some software called ‘magic lantern’, it enabled us to adjust thing much more accurately, and film at a higher frame rate!

The Other Things

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